Special Effects, abbreviated as FX, are a specific type of wearable pin in VFK. Often referred to as "magic" or "enchantment," FX are user-activated pins that create a certain effect around the player. They were released on June 28, 2008 from a trade with VFK_Surfer as a way to test the first two FX, Sparkle and Static. A few hours later, Merlin's Magic Shop opened in the Medieval Age, and the first two FX were made available for purchase.

How To Obtain

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How To Use

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To combine FX to make it last longer go to you FX page in your inventory. Make sure you have 2 or more of the same FX pin. Then click one of them then hit the combine button the select the second one. If you would like to combine more contiune doing so the max amount you are allowed to combine is 5. Every time you combine a FX Pin you will notice a little gold start will be added to the right side of your pin telling you how many stars it is.