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Space Pirate Laser Tag, also called Laser Tag, is a mini-game in VFK. It is located in the Space Age.

How To Play

Starting a Game

First, players must join one of two teams: Red Team or Blue Team. Each team must have at least one player in it before the game can be started. Once the game starts, players will go through three two-and-a-half-minute rounds. Credits are awarded once the game is finished, along with limited mini-game prizes.

Players can choose between two different map cycles: Closed Quarters and Open Field. Closed Quarters contains three tightly-spaced rooms with lots of obstacles, while Open Field contains three large rooms that lack obstacles.

Players will automatically regenerate health and ammunition as time goes on in each match.


The objective of Laser Tag is to shoot the other team as many times as possible before they vaporize, before you get vaporized, or before time runs out.

The game records each players' total Hits Made and Shots Taken in each round, as well as the total amount of times they shot at something. The amount of credits earned is determined by the ratio of Hits Made to Shots Taken.


The game is almost entirely with a keyboard. The only exception is shooting, which is done with the mouse.

  • WALK: Arrow Keys (WASD Keys are not compatible.)
  • JUMP: Space Bar
  • CROUCH: Control (CTRL) - Press CTRL again while crouching to stand.
  • RUN: Shift + Arrow Key
  • ROLL: CTRL + Arrow Key
  • ROLL+RUN: CTRL + Shift + Arrow Key
  • SHOOT: Mouse - Point and Click.


Background Music

To be added.


Scavenger Hunt Hints