The Surfs Up Summer Fun Quest was a weekly quest on VFK.


Our first quest! Cowabunga! This month is the beginning of summer, and what better way to welcome in the warm weather than with a few days at the beach surfing! To hit the surf, you need some basic equipment like maybe a... surfboard.

To get your great new VFK designer surf board, you have to go on a quest to find it. I'd like to say that it will be totally easy, but what is the point of a quest if you don't have a bit of a challenge? Your brand new surfboard is just waiting for you to "hang ten" at the end of your journey around the kingdom.

Go on the Surfs Up Summer Fun Quest and complete all the tasks as they come up. You will then be all set to hit the beach. I haven't found the beach yet, but I for one like to be prepared, and you just never know what's going to happen around here.


The red beach ball is retired, however it is included as one of the prizes with the Surfs Up Summer Fun Quest, so make sure you finish this quest, because after this the red beach ball will be gone forever.

Here is a list of the quest prizes:

Grab your sandals and sunscreen and get ready for a summer quest!

Questions and Answers

The questions for this quest are missing.

  1. Hawaii.
  2. Go to Stonehenge and click on the rock in the center.
  3. To stand with all ten toes over the board.
  4. Go to the Western Mercantile and click on the barrels in the center.
  5. At the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair.
  6. Go to the Inside of the Livery Stable and click on the saddle.
  7. 2 in 1.
  8. Go to Audubon's Dark Forest and click on the log.
  9. Australia.
  10. Go to Audubon's Wild Woods and click on the gas can.
  11. Brushy, blonde hairdo.
  12. Go to Audubon's Tranquil Waterfall and click on the log.
  13. Woody.
  14. Go to Audubon's Deserted Desert and click on the log.
  15. Metal.
  16. Go to the Gazebo in the Victorian Age.
  17. Dean Torrence.
  18. Go to the Crossroads and click on the right castle turret.
  19. 1957.
  20. Go to the Castle Gate and click on the right gate turret.
  21. 8.
  22. Go to Arthur's Round Table and click on the table.
  23. Celliwig.
  24. Select if you would rather have the Blue Surf Board or the Pink Surf Board.

Quickest Times

Place Title Time
1 iSirius 8:02
2 Persephone 9:98
3 PrincessDelaney 10:98
4 KidCircusFan 11:02
5 SnowyRoad 12:02
6 stephyrocks 12:54
7 guitardreamergirl 13:02
8 Guest4683 13:57
9 PrincessApple 14:98
10 Evil 14:98
11 Redrum 15:98
12 cocowgirl 16:03
13 BriarOtter 16:09
14 Guest5272 16:98
15 ImjustBeeNme 16:02
16 CuteStarPluto 17:98
17 Cooldizprinces 18:98
18 astromadmagic 18:02
19 HyperMaroonGirl 18:98
20 PrinceBlueYoshi 19:02
21 Shellyfish 20:33