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Announcement from Swordsman


A few notes before you begin your journey into reading and editing this wiki:

1. Please be sure to register an account; this is for purposes like being able to call you by your name, contact you via e-mail address, and not be stuck with an IP address. WE CAN SEE THOSE.

2. If you notice something you want to change, but can't figure out how, leave a report by clicking the "Report a Problem" button at the bottom of the page. Once submitted, I have access to seeing your message, and will fix the problem as necessary.

3. Please do yourselves a favor and add "widgets" to your left pane. (EDIT 1: I use the default Sapphire skin. MONOBOOK WILL NOT PROVIDE WIDGETS. Check Shadow's note below to find out how to see recent changes.) To do this, look under the community pane on the left side, click "Widgets", and a bar at the top should come up. I recommend adding the following:

  • Recently Edited By- This will give you a precise view at the last few people who edited the page you are viewing; however, this only shows registered users.
  • Help Needed- This is updated to show what articles are in need of help. Check it out if you want to find something to do.
  • Watchlist- If you mark a page to be watched, you will not only receive e-mails whenever the page is changed, but this widget will help you keep track of edited pages on your watchlist.
  • Shout Box- This makes it easy for you to communicate with users online. It's like Instant Messaging, but inside the wiki.

I hope you all enjoy your stay here on the VFK Wiki, and I look forward to working with everyone who decides to drop by! :D


Swordsman, VFK Wiki Staff Member

--Swordsman761 00:38, 20 June 2008 (UTC) EDIT 1: --Swords 20:58, 20 June 2008 (UTC)

P.S. Any questions or comments can be added on to this post. Write whatever you want following this message. This page however is protected unless you are a registered member; see, I told you to register! ;)

Note: If you have the Monobook skin on, look under community, and then click Recent changes.

ShadowJr - Hey Look, A Shadow! 19:58, 20 June 2008 (UTC)

If you would like to discuss stuff about the wiki, discuss it here ShadowJr - Hey Look, A Shadow! 22:53, 22 June 2008 (UTC)

Why am I the only person editing this wiki? Now known as LizzyKitty 22:30, March 9, 2010 (UTC)