Trade Requests


To send another player a trade request, click on the player, and at the bottom of the menu select the "Ask to Trade" Button.
Ask to trade

Ask to Trade


When another player sends you the request, you get a pop up asking if you would like to trade. You then have two options. You could Accept or Decline.
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Making A Trade

Tradeing Window

Trade Window

When you accept a trade invitation or when a trade invitation you have sent is accepted, the Trade Window will open. Here you can chat with the player you are trading with and discuss or finalize trade offers. Players have access to the items in their inventory, and can place these items into the trade area to arrange the trade. Once both players are satisfied, they can choose to accept the trade. There is also another feature: the Ask to be Friend button. If you or the other player pushes this, a friend request will be sent. See Friend Requests .

Accepting A Trade

Confirm Trade

When you and the other trader have agreed on a trade, you and the other trader must check the white boxes in the trade window. Once that is done, another screen will pop up titled "Confirm Trade." This screen is showing what you offered and what the other trader offered so you and the other trader can check one more time to make sure the trade is final. Once you have decided it is a fair trade, select the Confirm button. If you think it is unfair, select the Decline Button. Once you and the other trader confirm, the trade is done and the items are transferred.

Ending A Trade

At any time during the trading process you or the other trader may press the end trade button. This will close the trade window.

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