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VFK V.I.P. Memberships are optional paid services offered to all players on VFK. They allow players to receive special in-game benefits that they would not normally receive, including daily credits, Gold Stamps, and member-only in-game items. Special V.I.P. Memberships are occasionally offered during holidays or events.

VFK V.I.P. Pass

The VFK V.I.P. Pass is the standard paid membership service on VFK. Players can choose from three payment options for the V.I.P. Pass.[1]

Length Of Membership Price
1 Month $9.95 USD
6 Months $49.95 USD
12 Months $79.95 USD

Virtual Family Kingdom is an excellent value!

We understand that families want to spend their entertainment money wisely, and that you want your money to provide not only entertainment but reinforce important family values.

You can enjoy all the features and special benefits of Virtual Family Kingdom for an entire month for $9.95 - about the cost of admission to a movie.

There are additional options for membership savings if you buy a 6 month membership subscription for $49.95 (save $10!), or a year for $79.95 (save $40.00!). A membership subscription also makes an excellent birthday or Christmas gift!

About V.I.P. Membership

In-Game Feature VFK Basic (Free) VFK V.I.P. Pass
Design your Character! Yes Yes
Receive Gold Stamps! No Yes
Shop in Gold Stamps Catalog! No Yes
Decorate your rooms! Yes Yes
Buy Furniture and items for your room! Yes Yes
Buy Clothing for your Character! Yes Yes
Add friends to Furniture Permissions! No Yes
Chat with your friends! Yes Yes
Purchase in-game member only items! No Yes
Awesome V.I.P. member-only clothes! No Yes
Trade with other players! Yes Yes
Ride horses! No Yes
Play single and multi-player games! Yes Yes
Buy rooms! Yes Yes
Create and go on rides! Yes Yes
Go on Quests! Yes Yes
Receive credits when you log in daily! No Yes
In-game VFK Instant Messaging! No Yes
Create and Upload VFK TV videos! No Yes
New V.I.P. member-only items every month! No Yes
Enter competitions! Yes Yes
List all items and furniture in a room! No Yes
Additional room management features! No Yes
Watch VFK TV! Yes Yes
In Game V.I.P. Pin! No Yes
Exclusive V.I.P member-only rooms! No Yes
Send gifts to your friends! Yes Yes
Send greeting cards to your friends! Yes Yes
24 hour moderated environment! Yes Yes

Membership Gold Stamps!

Users who purchase any V.I.P. Pass will receive Loyalty Gold Stamp Books each month throughout the duration of their membership.

6 Month Membership!

You will receive your base award of Gold Stamp Books for all 6 months right away, which is 42 Gold Stamp Books (50,400 Gold Stamps)! The next month, you will begin to receive your loyalty Gold Stamp Books!

For example, the second month of your membership, you will receive 1 Loyalty Gold Stamp Book (1,200 Gold Stamps)! The following month, you will receive 2 Loyalty Gold Stamp Books (2,400 Gold Stamps!), etc.

Member Exclusive! - 6 Reasons To Buy A V.I.P. Membership Today!

Limited V.I.P. Passes

Limited V.I.P. Passes are special VFK memberships that are offered during Holidays or Anniversaries. They usually cost a bit more than a standard membership, but players are given exclusive items that can only be obtained by purchasing said membership.

Current Limited V.I.P. Passes

  • None.

Retired V.I.P. Passes

Retired V.I.P. Passes are VFK memberships that are no longer available for purchase, in order from oldest to newest.